When you eat, it’s good to select foods that will aid in your longevity, protecting you from inflammation and heart disease that will give you lasting energy and vibrance.

Unfortunately these days however, with modern food processing, the foods which are on offer to us can turn us into ticking time bombs.   It is what poor quality and poorly chosen foods do to our bodies long term, for months and years after the tantalizing flavors of gustation are all but forgotten that needs to be of concern to all of us.

If we only live once, don’t we want to live as free moving, energized and healthy as we can?

Apart from genetics- it’s all in the food you eat! Oh- and by the way, foods can change your genome- ie, your  familial genetic predisposition to disease and ill health, but they  can change it either way, in your favour- or not.  Switch on disease, or not.  If for example Diabetes, heart disease, thyroid dysfunction, gastro intestinal disorders so on and so on, is in your family- then you want to do all you can to prevent that from happening to you- eat foods that switch off those genes!

Eating for health, or eating something that is healthy, is often seen as something that surely can’t taste good, but this conception cannot be farther from the truth.  Raw foods are a wonderful example of amazing enzyme rich foods, abundant in healing properties that taste sensational.  You don’t need to turn into a raw foodie, but adding a little more raw foods to your diet is beneficial!

Other than raw foods, you can increase your cellular immunity, energy levels and over all good health by utilising the amazing herbs and spices that are in your cupboards!

Herbs and spices are that magical ingredient that will turn even the most basic of dinners into a winner.

Here are some familiar ones that bring wonderful taste and wellness to any plate!

Perhaps keep this list so that next time your belly is in a knot or your  intestines are making noises that could almost be mistaken for communication- albeit out of the wrong end of your body, or perhaps you can feel that cold or flu developing, you will have your list of spices and herbs on hand to combat whatever virus or microbe has decided to take a ride in or on your body!

Allspice: Increases circulation, aids indigestion and gas.

Anise: aids cough and other respiratory problems by breaking up mucus; helps increase milk production for nursing mothers

Basil: not only is Basil the name of a mighty cool boss i once had- Basil is also good for indigestion, fevers headaches, colds, flu, nausea, vomiting and cramps

Black pepper: improves digestion by stimulating hydrochloric acid production in the stomach, stimulates the breakdown of fat cells

Cardamom:  good for headaches, indigestion, and gas; warms the body

Cayenne: good for circulation; helps prevent heart attacks, strokes, colds, flu, headaches, indigestion and arthritis

Cinnamon: warms the system; balances blood sugar levels; treats diarrhea, cramps, abdominal pains, coughing, wheezing, and lower back pain. Try these Apple Cinnamon Protein Pancakes.

Clove: increases circulation, improves digestion, treats vomiting and nausea, oil of cloves can relieve tooth aches

Cumin; prevents and relieves indigestion, gas, nausea, and morning sickness, helps relieve cold symptoms

Dill: useful for abdominal pains and cramps, indigestion, colds flu, and coughs

Fennel: helps treat colic, cramps, and gas, expels mucus

Garlic: supports the immune system, helps eliminate parasites and infections, aids high and low blood pressure, lung ailments and headaches

Ginger: good for circulation and warmth, indigestion, cramps and nausea

Lavender: antidepressant, helps relieve headaches, anxiety, and insomnia. Magnesium has similar benefits, read this article. 

Mint: aids digestion, the aroma eases nausea, headaches, and respiratory disorders

Nutmeg: can help relieve nervous disorders and heart problems

Oregano: contains very strong antibacterial properties and antioxidant activities

Paprika: increases saliva production, which aids digestion, helps regulate blood pressure, improves circulation

Rosemary: helps treat headaches, indigestion, colic, nausea, gas, and fevers

Sage: useful for diarrhea and early stages of cold, flu, and sinus congestion; useful for bladder infections.

Tarragon: relieves stomach cramps and promotes appetite, aids digestion by increasing bile production in the liver

Turmeric: a blood purifier, helps circulation, regulates menstrual cycles, reduces fevers, POWERFUL antioxidant with anti cancer properties and reduces pain and inflammation

Watercress: blood cleanser, has anticancer properties, aids in eye health, increases digestive juices

Yellow mustard: aids respiratory and kidney problems, helps protect against gastro intestinal cancer

Nutritional medicine has the power to heal you!

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