get-fit-logo-kate-2016Electrolytes are a “buzz” word in marketed sports drinks, but not many people know what they are or what their role is in the body during exercise.

Basically, the body requires four main electrolytes to maintain adequate hydration levels and effective muscle contractions. They are sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium. Most commercial sports drinks contain the four electrolytes but in relatively small amounts compared to what is required for endurance and high intensity exercise.

When completing workouts in warmer conditions where you sweat a lot; and also sessions longer than 90mins, consider sipping on electrolyte drink and water.

To maintain adequate electrolyte levels & to assist with recovery, I recommend Cabot Health’s Magnesium Ultra Potent Powder or Magnesium Complete Tabs and also their Calcium Complete Tabs.


Workout schedule

Monday rest day
Tuesday 30-45min swim focus on longer efforts of 50-100m at steady pace
Wednesday 10mins power walk + 20mins easy jog
Thursday rest day
Friday 5mins skipping + 20mins core strength exercises
Saturday 60min power walk before brekky
Sunday 60min easy flat trail MTB ride

Monday 30min run/walk alternating 6min run + 4min walk
Tuesday rest day
Wednesday skipping + 20mins core strength exercises
Thursday 45min swim focus on long strokes using the least amount of strokes per lap
Friday 30min power walk in the morning
Saturday rest day
Sunday 90min MTB ride including some hills. Remember to take some electrolyte drink & water with you

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