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Focus on Your Swimming Technique

get-fit-logo-kate-2016Focus on Your Swimming Technique

For those of you who struggle through the water- you’re not alone. Here is a list of common technique mistakes in swimming & ways to counteract them-

Foot position – you should kick with pointed toes, this reduces drag (resistance force) & increases the effectiveness of the kick. Work on ankle flexibility and focus on this during kick sets.

Crossover arm – your hands should not cross the midline of your body at any point- aim for “in line with your shoulder” when you pull through the water. If done incorrectly this can cause your hips to twist in the water & your legs will have to kick out to counter act this = more drag.

Breathing too high – when breathing aim to just have your mouth and half your head out of the water. Avoid rolling too far over & looking at the ceiling/sky or lifting your head (unless sighting). A consequence of breathing too high is your legs/hips sinking in the water & missing the front part of your stroke.


Monday 45mins swimming incl. at least 500m focusing on one of the areas above at a slow pace

Tuesday 60min power walk before brekky

Wednesday 45min stretching or yoga or pilates

Thursday day off

Friday 60min spin class/session with 10 reps accelerating the pace for 1min

Saturday 40min run incl. 5 sets of 90sec as fast as possible + home boot camp and/or stretching

Sunday 60-90min recreational activity- paddling, surfing, walking, skating, tennis etc.

Monday 60min power walk before brekky

Tuesday day off

Wednesday 45mins swimming include 20mins of alternating laps of kicking & swimming focus on foot position

Thursday 60min spin class/session incl. 5-10 sets of 2min hard gear efforts

Friday 30min run incl. 5 sets of 90sec as fast as possible + home boot camp

Saturday 60-90min easy cycle on trail or road, aim to complete at least half the ride without stopping

Sunday day off