Is there someone in your life acting anxious about your upcoming birth?

Maybe they keep asking questions about your birth preparation or birth plan?

Maybe they want to tell you about their birth, but it isn’t even a helpful, or positive, story?

It is likely these birth conversations are freaking you out a bit, or at the very least, annoying you!

Why might a person in your life seem a bit obsessive about birth?

Some possible scenarios:

Here’s a sad, possible, situation to be aware of: there’s someone in your life who may not realise they carry a large fear of birth, they may even claim to have had a positive experience. Unfortunately they have suppressed negative birth experiences they have never processed or learned from. Now, inadvertently, they’re projecting their deep-seated fears onto expectant mothers, including you. It’s crucial to address this situation, the last thing a pregnant woman needs are another person’s fears or traumas put upon her. (If you would like guidance around birth fears or anxieties feel free to message me – I’m here to help!)

Here is a more positive scenario: there’s someone in your life who had an upsetting birth experience but has gained valuable insights from it (yay!), especially about what they wish they had done differently. Now, they’re eager to share these lessons with you. However, their anxiety about ensuring you have a smooth birth might cause them to come across as overly intense, sometimes even saying some unreal sounding, or alarming, things. Despite their good intentions, it’s important to only follow the recommendations that feel right for you, if you try to do it all or jump to advanced birth podcasts or articles too fast, you are at risk of overwhelm. If they are suggesting, you do a private birth course – LISTEN to them!! This could be the perfect place for you as your course educator can gently with your birth learnings – at the pace you need.

Hot Tip: When choosing a birth course, don’t get too caught up in the specific style your birthing enthusiast friend recommends, whether it’s Calm birth, Hypnobirthing, Shebirths or others. The real key lies in finding an exceptional presenter with extensive experience and advanced educating skills. For instance, I’ve been teaching for over 14 years, and the way I deliver concepts and materials has evolved significantly over time. (p.s. If you’re interested in preparing for birth with me through live online sessions, feel free to message me, I begin a new group every month and I would love to have you join the fun).

And a final positive, wonderful, scenario to consider is: there’s someone in your life who recently had a wonderfully beautiful birth experience and is now deeply passionate about sharing her enthusiasm for the birthing process. While her excitement might be overwhelming at times, there’s valuable insight to gain from her. Enjoy her wisdoms every chance you get! As an extra warning, however, it’s essential to recognize that simply imitating her methods won’t guarantee the same outcome, as each person’s mindset and beliefs vary. Your journey through childbirth will be uniquely yours. So, while you can certainly gain many helpful tips and advice from her, it’s also important for you to actively engaged in your own birth learnings and especially private birth courses – that include the “deeper work” (deeper work = the emotional preparation that enables the body to open more smoothly during birth). (remember I am here to help if you want to prep for a birth that you can gush about too!)

nat 36 weeks pregnant with cyan blue singlet

*If only all women could gush about birth, what a world we would live in*

Some concluding thoughts:

One thing is for sure, you personally might not feel very worried about the upcoming birth because your pregnancy hormones are keeping you all dreamy “all will be well” – got to love those hormones!

Those hormones can lead to assumptions like:

“I am just going to go with the flow”

“My midwife/OB will help me have my natural birth, it is all taken care of”

“I will just take all the drugs” (thinking this somehow makes birth fast and easy)

Just be aware that there is a reason randoms talk to you about birth, it is because it doesn’t always unfold as easily and smoothly as we wished and assumed. There are KEY learnings that make a significant difference in your journey and there are expert birth educators and birth doulas ready and willing to share their amazing birth wisdoms with you.

If you wake up one day thinking “oh OH!! I really have to birth this baby! which might even be followed by a rush of fear! Or this article is tweaking your interest in private birth education/support, then TAKE ACTION!

Medical care providers are great at monitoring you for all the medical what if’s? and rare, statistical risk factors, but they are not wise birth workers when it comes to helping you with your emotional fears, needs, wants and desires.

Money where money is due…

Pay for medical support.


Pay for emotional and wise birth wisdoms.

Warm Wishes,

Natalie Joy Meade

(GradDipC, GradDipPsyc, GradDipEd, BSc (Hons), CCB, CH)

Psyched For Birth, online birth educator.

14 Years experience refining Hypnobirthing.

p.s. contact me to find out how to keep those medical costs very manageable.”

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