get-fit-logo-kate-2016Five weeks ago I competed in my first Ironman distance Triathlon race. I had a great experience both in the race itself but also pushing my body in the training sessions leading up to the event. Doing that volume of training requires a lot of calories to maintain energy levels throughout the session and race itself. I found myself consuming way more sugar and carbohydrates that I usually would during sessions in an effort to get quick calories in.

My body wasn’t used to this amount of sugar in my diet and I started to feel nauseous at times and knew my body needed a detox. Throughout my time training and now in recovery I have continued my healthy eating patterns (now minus the extra sugar). In addition, to help support my body I have been taking LivaTone Plus capsules. They are a great product to include when you know your body is under some extra GI (gastrointestinal) stress.

Workout schedule

Recovery Week
Monday 30min power walk
Tuesday rest day
Wednesday 20min core strength exercises
Thursday rest day
Friday 20min easy swim, in ocean or lake if comfortable
Saturday rest day
Sunday 30min easy MTB cycle on flat trail

Monday 30min run/walk alternating 10min run + 5min walk
Tuesday skipping + 20mins core strength exercises
Wednesday rest day
Thursday 30-45mins swim focus on longer efforts 50-100m at hard pace with lots of rest
Friday 30min power walk in the morning
Saturday rest day
Sunday 60-90min MTB ride including some hills. Remember to take some electrolyte drink & water with you

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