get-fit-logo-kate-2016Mountain bikes (MTB) are a great bike for those people looking for a bike which can handle a bit of dirt, knocks and can be used in a variety of settings. You can cycle on the road, path or trail and the further off the smooth road surface you go – the more you will use your core and upper body to stabilise the bike in rougher terrain.

It is a great way to include your whole family in a ride. Trail riding can be challenging or easy depending on the area and is great for improving your bike handling skills if you are already a skilled cyclist.

Workout schedule

Monday 45min power walk before brekky
Tuesday 30min run/walk alternating 4min run + 1min walk
Wednesday rest day
Thursday 5mins skipping + 20mins core strength exercises
Friday 30-45min swim focus on steady breathing alternating sides. Extend from 3 strokes per breath to 5 if comfortable
Saturday rest day
Sunday 60min easy flat trail MTB ride

Monday 2 sets of 10mins walk + 10mins easy jog
Tuesday 5mins skipping + 20mins core strength exercises
Wednesday 30-45min swim focusing on long & smooth strokes
Thursday rest day
Friday 60min power walk before brekky
Saturday 60-90min easy undulating MTB ride
Sunday 60min power walk including some hills where possible before brekky

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