How is your training going? It can be harder to recover in big loads of training, especially in the winter months.

What are the best ways to achieve this apart from good nutrition and hydration?

I use Cabot Health Magnesium Complete tablets and Glutamine Pure powder to help me recover better, leg soak or thermal recovery which consists of getting in hot water (37ºC) for 5min, then 5min in cold water (10 to 15ºC), then hot again and finish by cold water. This will flush the toxins out and will help heal to inflammation and damage from the training load better or also called DOMS or CK.

Try and run on soft surfaces as much as possible and the shock will be up to half as less traumatising on your body then on the asphalt. Also, resist to temptation to pop some anti-inflammatory which are bad for your health and your stomach lining. Use all the recovery methods you can access including massage, good sleep, compression, foam roller and, of course, a clever and well built training program. If you are not sure what you are doing and you always get sick and injured, maybe it is time to talk to a professional coach.

We have plenty of coaches who can help you with this – contact me for more information.

Work outs

Always do at least 10min warm up. Walk if you like. Train every second days but you can do Pilates, yoga and stretching or other sports easy on days off. I recommend to do easy swimming or riding on days you are not running…

Mon 60min easy jog on grass + 5x200m sprint max with jog back
Wed run 45min easy in hills
Fri 60min easy jog on empty stomach and on the grass
Sun run 90min on undulated course in 10x5min at 90% x1min easy at 60%
Tue 30min easy jog on grass on empty stomach
Thur run 90min Main is 5x1000m hard x200m easy jog L1 (can be done on the track)
Sat 60min easy jog on the flat and gravel tracks or grass

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