There has been much publicity lately extolling the virtues of bone broth and the recipes vary considerably, so care is necessary to obtain the healthiest result.

Here are some reasons for everyone to invest in making bone broth a valuable part of their cooking and an important daily dietary component

  • What we are referring to is what your grandmother called stock and, when you make it at home from scratch, you know exactly what has gone into it and so you can ensure no nasty additives. It is also a lot less expensive than manufactured products.
  • To make broth there a few essential components – a crockpot /slow cooker or a stainless steel / ceramic stock pot and filtered water. The hardest item to find is a trusted butcher that will provide best quality bones/carcasses from organically grown animals.
  • Bone broth is a great source of collagen and gelatine, to support fantastic hair, skin and nails.
  • Bone broth slowly and gently extracts the valuable nutrients from the bone, making it a dietary powerhouse.

Now, here are the reasons for Bone Broth to be considered by anyone who experiences any intestinal, immunological, inflammatory and autoimmune health conditions.

  • We are becoming very acquainted with the notion that all diseases begin in the gut and so this is the first part of the body to be healed.
  • The gelatin extracted from bone is of exceptional quality and has valuable healing properties to restore intestinal integrity, to improve the absorption of nutrients.
  • Components extracted from bone have a positive influence on the immune system and increases the number of disease fighting white cells. Ask any mother about the health building value of Chicken soup.
  • Connective tissue components gelatine, collagen and glucosamine are renowned anti-inflammatory nutrients and so by reduce joint pain and inflammation.
  • Bone broth has extracted much of the calcium, magnesium and phosphorus and, so, adds valuable nutrient to promote bone formation in the womb, bone growth in children, bone stability and repair in adults and elders.
  • While healing a leaky gut and reducing pain in joints, bone broth is also high in glycine and proline, two valuable amino acids with proven anti-inflammatory actions throughout the body and, thereby, may improve the health of those with degenerative and terminal conditions.
  • The immune system is suppressed when stress levels are high, and those with high stress levels are often also troubled by poor sleep and a busy mind. Bone broth, being high in glycine may be a wonderful healing, calming, sleep inducing night cap to finish your day.

Baked Bone Broth Soup

1 Organic marrow bone (thigh bone – the big one people get for their dogs) cut into 2 or 3 pieces

1 chuck bone (a length of backbone (desirable as it has more meat). It is best to try and get bones that have some meat still on them to add flavor to the broth.

You may choose lamb, veal or beef. Organic chicken carcasses may also be used.


Bake in slow oven (250-300ºF or 120-150ºC) for approx. 30 – 40 minutes or until it smells well roasted.

Place in a slow cooker and cover with filtered water.

Cook just below simmer slowly for 24 hours, cool, remove meat, and reserve meat in the refrigerator. Return bones to broth and keep slow cooker on lowest heat for a further 24 – 36 hours. Ensure water level is maintained throughout the extraction process.

Refrigerate broth to remove all solid fat from top of liquid to be used in other cooking. Marrow fat may be retained.

Strain the broth and use the liquid alone as a wholesome broth or you may choose to use the broth as a base for soup.

Remember to add the meat you have reserved to the completed broth.

To the broth, add a variety of in season vegetables to your taste.

The essential for every batch is the addition of sea vegetable. Wakame is best, and a trusted brand is essential – nothing that has been harvested near Japan.

Season to taste and I always encourage turmeric for its healing/restorative properties. Powdered is fine if not available fresh.

The broth or soup can be frozen for later consumption or you may choose to freeze some of the initial broth and use it for a different soup later.

Remember to add sea or pink salt, pepper and seasoning to your taste.

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