You need a blender-  ground breaking info! Any blender will do, but preferably a powerful one like the Froothie. A powerful good quality blender will enable you to get a singular consistency to your smoothie that a regular blender cannot.  If you are not a fan of green leafy vegetables or vegetables in general, using a high powered blender will eliminate lumpy pieces of individual vegetables, producing a smooth enjoyable texture you will become addicted to!

  1. A liquid base-  Filtered water and coconut water are my favourites- and i mean coconut water straight out of the white juvenile coconut of course! Coconut Milk is another winner, and of course Almond milk- any nut milks are great.  Be aware of the sugar content in your smoothie when using fruit juices as your base- orange, apple, grape, pineapple, cranberry.
  2. A supply of fresh and frozen fruit on hand, not just berries- anything you like, mangos, kiwi’s, bananas. Peel, bag and freeze- too easy.
  3. Greens.  The true nutritional and energizing powerhouse of your smoothie is always going to be the green vegetables you add. If you are one of the many who are not so crash hot on your greens,  a green smoothie is the perfect way to get those leafy green numbers into your diet.  With a high powered blender the other ingredients and flavours of your smoothie will be what you taste and enjoy about your smoothie.   Sprouts-of all kinds, (except the really spicy ones like radish) packaged organic mixed greens- aka mesclun, kale, spinach or any other green leafy vegetables.
  4. Variety!  The spice of all life.  Alternate the fruits, green vegetables, nuts, seeds, spices, superfoods that you use. If you see a recipe for any sort of smoothie that doesn’t contain greens, you can still add as many greens as you like to it. Start with a small amount and work your way up- the more the better. By adding a couple of cups of green leafy vegetables to your breakfast smoothie, you have already had your RDI of leafy greens before 7am!
  5. Protein: without protein, your smoothie will be unsatisfying, un-filling and is likely to spike your blood sugar. Adding in good quality protein sources like protein powder, nuts, seeds, yoghurt, nut butter, beans and even tofu will make your smoothie more sustaining.



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