Millions of people all over the world started this year doing the same thing they did last year and the year before that and the year before that . . .  They made a promise to themselves that THIS was going to be the year they would finally lose that weight, give up smoking, get a better job etc.

In other words, they made their annual New Year’s Resolution.

Resolving to change the things we do which are harmful to ourselves or others is a positive and proactive step but it must be followed up with affirmative action. If all you do is plan and talk but don’t take any action, you likely won’t achieve much at all except perhaps to de-motivate and depress yourself when it becomes obvious that the mountain you have set your sights on is just too big to leap up in one go.

The important thing to remember is that no one falls to the top of a mountain.

Each step you take is moving you closer to your end goal – there is no way of getting to the apex without every single one of the smaller steps.

Are you like so many others who set themselves goals at the beginning of a new year only to find that, just a few short weeks or months in, these aspirations are already on the scrap heap? Promises – whether to ourselves or to others – can become like millstones around our necks if we fail to take the necessary actions to back them up. Too often our discarded and unfulfilled New Year’s Resolutions only end up reminding us of our failure to launch and ultimately doing the opposite of what we dreamed they would . . .

Want to know a better way to keep yourself on track to reach your goals?

There is a simple way forward and there truly is no need to complicate things by building insurmountable barriers which only seem to grow larger the more you think about them.

Live in this moment. Be the best you can be right now. Stop making promises to make changes starting tomorrow or next Monday or next week. Today is the very best day to get started on your journey to the goals you have set for yourself.

Why wait? Procrastination is one of the tools that you unknowingly use which actually keeps you in the place where you never seem to be able to make the changes you want. Fear of failure can halt anyone in their tracks, however; as long as you keep working towards achieving your goals, you have not failed. You are a work in progress and anything is possible . . .

You may not achieve your end goal today but there has never been a better time to start working towards it.

Think of it like this . . . if your dream is to be healthier and lose some weight then, just for today, choose the type of food you know will be helping you to reach your goal. Don’t freak yourself out by trying to imagine a whole lifetime without chocolate! That kind of thinking is almost guaranteed to set you up to fail. Choose the healthiest food you can for your next meal – educate yourself about food choices so you can make informed decisions. Don’t blithely believe all the marketing hype of any product or service – do your homework!

The information super highway (internet) is a great resource and can help you move forward with more confidence than you might be able to garner alone. Don’t give your power to others – your health and wellbeing is of most importance to you, not to them.

Want a better job this year? Then, just for today, investigate what you need to do to make that happen. Take a single step forward toward your goal. No need to overwhelm yourself with thoughts of a Masters Degree which will take many years to achieve. Tomorrow you just need to do the same as you did today – take a step forward. Perhaps it is reading through the information you have gathered for your new career path. Perhaps it is finding out some more details. Whatever it is, one baby step is still forward movement and is encouraging and motivating.

Always wanted to make a veggie garden but all you see in the back yard is a tangle of overgrown weeds and rubbish? Grab yourself a couple of pots and some good quality potting mix and plant some seeds. As you water them and watch them grow every day, you will be encouraged to get amongst all that is standing in your way.

You don’t need to do everything at once . . . just keep making forward movements every day and remember to pat yourself on the back when you stick to your guns and achieve the things you want

Somehow it seems easy to tell someone else that they have done well, or to congratulate them on staying on task and getting things done, but we often fill our own heads with negative self talk. Next time you realize that you have done something to be proud of, try out that positive talk on yourself. Make yourself a new habit – use the proven power of positive thoughts to galvanise yourself into the action you’ve been wishing for.

Above all, remember to never give up. When failure is not an option, you will learn to figure out new ways of achieving your goals. You might discover a way which may not be the most direct route to success but it will allow you to realize your dreams – one baby step at a time.


by Victoria Herrera

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