Vegan sources of Omega 3 fats & Proteins:   Flaxseed & Hemp Seeds!

The benefits of Flax seed and Hemp Seeds are gigantic. From relieving both constipation and diarrhea to reversing/stopping cancer- dare I say it, diabetes and cardiovascular disease!
Flaxseed and Hemp seeds are a common addition to a raw foods diet- however you don’t have to be on a raw food diet to appreciate them and get the health benefits.

Top 3 Benefits Flax and Hemp Seeds:    Omega 3 Fats     Fibre     Protein

Omega 3 fats

Benefits of flax seed oil is the high (plant based) content of omega 3. Flaxseed oil is 56% Omega 3 and 16% Omega 6. Most people have only 20% of Omega 3 that their body needs for good functioning. It is important for the flexibility of your cells and it will keep you warm in winter!  And as a tiny side note-

Dr. Johanna Budwig, a German biochemist and blood specialist, has treated cancer of all kinds with nothing but cottage cheese and Flaxseed Oil. She says that people with cancer have blood that is low in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and the blood looks greenish under a microscope.   Its true- but you have to blend your oil and cottage cheese up correctly- get your Google on for that one

Heart Disease, Blood Pressure and Brain Food

Omega 3 decreases blood pressure, softens arteries and lowers heart disease. It is also important for your brain- assisting to relieve depression and memory loss.
Best Source of Omega 3

The problem with omega 3 is that it turns rancid very quickly; the advantage of using (fresh) whole flax seeds and then grinding them is that you will get the oil in a fresh and pure state.

Fish versus Flax Seeds

Plenty of fish in the sea they will tell you.  However if you want quality, your answer to that statement- no there is not sir!   Ok- so perhaps it’s a metaphor, but that metaphor really is one of an era gone by.  The problem with fish is that the fish numbers are declining rapidly and the pollution of the sea is increasing catastrophically.  Fukushimas radiation leakage of 800 tons of toxic materials into the Pacific Ocean wasn’t mans great act of humanity.  The wild life of the entire Pacific Ocean and its marine eco system are suffering right now.  In British Columbia, there is an unusually high death rate among killer whales, and the vocal communication among the animals has ceased in the last two years.  Whales have been seen in the Pacific with tumors and in Alaska, polar bears, seals and walruses are seen to have loss fur and suffer from open sores on their skin. In Southern California, 45% of sea lion pups have died, described by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as “an unusual mortality event”.  Back up to Canada, where the sockeye salmon faces record low numbers and up across the entire west coast of Canada, where fish are dying from bleeding eyes, gills and bellies.

In Canada a test made on 15 dead tuna found that all 15 were found to be contaminated with radiation. Of the fish being sold to Canada in 2012, it was found fish testing positive for Cesium-137 (an unstable radioactive environmental contaminant) was namely:  100% of monkfish, carp, seaweed and shark; 94% of cod and anchovies; 93% of tuna and eels; 92% of sardines; 91% of halibut; 73% of mackerel- Holly mackerel! Fukushima continues to leak, and leak at ever increasing rates and the latest prediction is that this contamination will continue until 2015, at the earliest. Until then, will the Pacific Ocean be poisoned beyond repair?
Ok- so moving on from our enviro info session re Fukushima, we can only think Farmed fish….right? Farmed fish will be safe for us- surely.  Babow!  Farm raised fish get huge amounts of antibiotics and god knows what more injected into them!  And now, farms are even experimenting with GMO fish- Jesus, what hope have we got!

I don’t recommend you to eat fish regularly as a source of this fat. Really, a vegan source, like flax seed, is best.  Just be sure that you are converting the ALA form of vegan Omega 3 your get from Flaxseed and various vegan forms of Omega 3 like Hemp Seeds, into the EPA and DHA variety that is also required by the body.  A person with deficiencies B3, B6, C, and the minerals zinc and magnesium would not be able to get maximum benefit from flaxseeds and vegan omega-3s because he or she would not be able to effectively convert the ALA upward into the other omega-3 fats.

Toxin Free

Thus other benefits of flax and hemp seed oil is that you can leave the fish alive and healthy and that you don’t have to pollute yourself with mercury and other toxins they carry.
Vegan protein like in flax seed and Hemp on the other hand is safe – even in higher quantities – and doesn’t have this side effect. Therefore, another major benefits flax seed is the vegan protein source.

Cleaning Your Intestines

The fibre in flax seed will function as a natural broom aiding in cleaning your intestines from mucus, parasites, undigested fat, old cells and toxins.

Bye Bye Constipation

One of the biggest benefits flax seed has to offer is that is that they relieve constipation. Constipation has become such a huge and common problem for people that hospitals have “poop departments” do deal with this issue.  Interestingly, flax seeds also help people that have chronic diarrhea by “soaking up” the water in your intestines.

Some doctors prescribe Metamucil (fibre) for people with irritable bowel syndrome- just for the record; our Dr Cabot or her practitioners would never prescribe such a processed marketed sugary product- whole fresh foods only for this Dr!  Metamucil is more expensive than good old fashioned flax seed and has added sweeteners and chemicals to it to make it “tastier” for you- unfortunately also unhealthier. Just adding flax seed to your diet will give you the same benefit; however as with most whole foods that are no marketing into consumer eye catching packaging- good old flax is much cheaper and more effective!   Moral to that little story- back to basics people!

Optimize Benefits Flax Seed – Eat Them Raw!   Raw Raw Raw- oh how I love the raw!!!

To get all the benefits flax seed and Hemp seed has to offer, it’s important to eat them raw. Flax seed oil becomes rancid quickly so make sure you get fresh (organic) flax seeds that haven’t been heated above 40/115 Degrees C/F. I personally have coffee grinder that has never seen a coffee bean in its life!  My “coffee grinder” sits on my bench next to the fridge where a toaster should sit.  I simply remove my glass jar of flaxseeds when I feel like them- pour them straight into my grinder and with a quick press- buzz buzz of my grinder, I have freshly cracked flaxseed giving me a fresh burst of omega 3 fats, fibre and protein minus any oxygenation that would occur if I was constantly opening up a bottle of flaxseed oil every day.  If you dont want them ground, simply soak the seeds for a few hours, the enzyme inhibitors disappear and you’ll absorb them easier.

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Have a great day now!

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