Americans are get sicker more often than other citizens from any other industrialized countries- and they are just getting sicker.  Chronic illness increased in the mid 90’s, in fact doubled for many reasons- predominantly because of the food people are eating.

So just what is it that Americans are doing differently?

Thirty to fifty years ago we didn’t see the illness we do today- one of the things that has changed is the genetic engineering of our food supply.  We are not eating foods in their whole form any more.   Scientist are taking genes from one species and forcing them into the DNA of other species- and it is not just the food industry- for example, no word of a lie- scientists are genetically crossing a spider and a goat- they have spider genes that they put into goats in the hope that they can milk the goat to make bullet proof vests- whaaat? Yep!

Genetic modification is not new- Americans have been eating GMO food for 20 years now.   In Australia we are hearing more about GMO foods thanks to the media- perhaps you have seen the odd “March against Monsanto” advert on Facebook?  Monsanto are a company whom support GMO foods.

GMO foods are herbicide (amongst other poisons) tolerant- you can spray them, drench a seed with a herbicidal poison to keep the bugs away, and the seed will not be damaged!  If a bug does eat them- the seed breaks open in the stomach of the bug and kills the bug!  This is fantastic to get a full and undamaged crop of corn or whatever you may be farming, but how does this affect the average consumer whom then eats that same Genetically Modified crops?

Since the mid 90’s Doctors have also noticed the increase in gastro intestinal problems.   Genetically modified foods that have been sprayed destroy the insects that try to eat them- those same grains are then eventually ingested by humans and are destroying our gastro intestinal system.   So not only do the proteins of Gluten destroy the mucous membranes of our gastro intestinal system, the poisons sprayed onto crops that have been genetically modified also breakdown our gastro intestinal system.  And this is just the beginning-  with this comes the breakdown of our immune system and internal micro flora. The increases in Asthma, eczema and allergies is all in part due, to the destruction of our gastro intestinal system.

If you would like to watch a great documentary on the  crippling effects that GMO foods have, is having and will continue to have on our species as human- how GMO foods can change our genetic DNA as a species- CHANGE OUR DNA, and totally change our micro flora which will in turn alter the way we literally think- change our thought processes, then i recommend you find yourself a copy of Genetic Roulette!  And if you can afford it- buy Organic.

Here in Sydney there is a fantastic company doing great things for humanity called Eco-Farms.  Located on Parramatta Rd, Eco Farms provide locally grown organic produce.

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