I’m so scared I’ll keep losing hair

Dear Marilyn

I am noticing increasing amounts of hair in the bottom of my shower and this is worrying me a lot. I can see more of my scalp in the front and sides of my head. It’s getting really hard to try and hide with my hairstyle and I’m so scared I’ll keep losing hair that I can’t sleep because I’m stressing about it.

Hi Daniella

Yes, it is confronting to see increasing hair shedding in the bathroom or on our brush and the most asked question from my clients is “am I losing this hair permanently?’ The real question that needs answering is “what’s causing my hair loss?” Some hair shedding is normal and you can expect to lose between 50 and 150 hairs daily. As you feel you are losing an excessive amount of hair, I am sending you our complimentary hair loss evaluation questionnaire. Please fill this out. With your full hair history, I can best determine if your hair loss is from shedding or breakage and this will determine the correct treatment. Hormone imbalance, gut health, nutritional deficiencies, a build up of toxic substances, and extreme physical shock or stress can have negative influences on your hair loss.

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