Choice of colour for your hair

By trichologist and master hairdresser Marilyn Searle

When it comes to hair beauty, no two clients are ever the same. We all know when something is not right about our hair, whether it is the condition, the cut, or the colour and it is the same for hair loss.

Today let’s look at COLOUR and what we can do with organic and natural hair colours.

Salon Medica can do any colour you desire using the latest low toxin environmentally friendly colours. These colours will perform the same or even better than harsh chemical toxic dyes that unfortunately have been on the market for years.

My client in the photo came to me with over bleached dry hair to her shoulders; there was massive hair breakage and a two-centimeter grey regrowth.  The overall picture looked so wrong, harsh and aging. We chatted and I brought up the subject that the colour must suit her complexion and personality.

I explained that we fall into the categories of either cool, warm, or neutral skin tones. The simple way to establish you skin tone is to look at the veins on the underside of your arms; if they are blue you are cool, if the veins are greenish you are warm and if the veins are a combination of blue green you are a neutral skin tone.

My client fell into the warm category and therefore the bleached white yellow hair  did her no favours.

So, the challenge was to bring her hair back to life with a golden brown colour with baby lights framing the face. She also needed a precision haircut that she could manage in her busy work schedule.

It was a transformation. This was all done with a certified natural hair colour system used by Salon Medica.

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