So it turns out natural haircare does work just as well

You just have to give it a fair go

With the disturbance of COVID-19 that we’ve faced over the past year, we have been given the time for self-reflection, to look in the mirror and question what is authentic.  “Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all? This can be confronting, to look at who we really are, our values, our needs, and to work out what is important to us.

I have noticed a trend in my clients that I am encouraging. Over the first lockdown, a lot of my clients saw their natural colour start to grow through and have actually gotten used to it.

The trend of acceptance of the beauty within is liberating so, at Salon Medica are now seeing a lot more clients who are experimenting with keeping their hair closer to their natural colour with a softer balayage look, which is far more easily managed and can see you through longer gaps between appointments.

As a stylist working on these blank canvasses using natural and organic and low toxin products it is rewarding for all. Tweeking the hair with highlights and lowlights to enhance your hair cut, complexion and face shape is creative and satisfying. The interactive consultation of suggesting new ways of hair health management fun and informative.

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