Time time time- we need more time!!

It’s very easy to see how life can have us on a permanent stress response.   With the cost of simply existing-some get to call it living, seemingly on the rise with every quarterly utility bill, backed up with everyday work place pressures including the hours you simply need to spend at work to pay for your existence,  time is certainly becoming very limited.  Let’s face it- life is more than a Mars bar commercial,  it’s not just “work rest and play”  that need to be factored into our days.   The many different aspects to a human being need to be nurtured- spiritual, emotional, mental, social- etc,  life is so much more than that basic work rest and play model  if you want a fulfilled and happy balance.

It’s also very common these days for people to live alone, whether you live alone or are single, that means you are the person working, paying the bills, buying the food, cooking, cleaning, doing the washing, mowing the lawn and if you are crazy enough- running your own business!  Don’t forget to register the car!   All this, and i haven’t even mentioned kids-  how do you single working parents out there do it?  All of my hats off the rack to you!   So I’ve just covered the must do chores of life-  what about the personal activities necessary to making you whole- your exercise, meditation- your “you” time.  Friends and family are also among this list of our basic requirements- not so basic at all are we!

So with all of those aspects to life, there is one thing we may leave out- Nutritional health!  The fuel to keep us going long enough to at least make that last payment on our mortgage before we fall off our perch!

Here it is-  the most nutritious and quickest way to eat- ever!   Especially Breakfast!

There is one appliance in my house that gets a good thorough work out ( it’s in the kitchen)  My Froothie.   My Froothie blender is the ants pants, ducks guts, the bee’s knees you might say, of the blender world.   A quick healthy breakfast that i can take with me on the rd that leaves me with no washing up or mess.  A hot soup in 5 minutes that required no pots or stove- im serious!   As long as you have a combination of basic vegetables, fruits, berry’s, the odd super foods- Acai is a favorite of mine, some oils, nuts and seeds in your cupboards – you can blend yourself a combination breakfast or dinner that can be varied with your own experimentation every day!

You have your blenders- and then you have a Froothie Blender!   What’s the difference between a Froothie and every other blender?  Everything!  A Froothie Blender is a multipurpose high performance blender that a professional chef will have in their kitchen, however the Froothie is half the price of its nearest rival. Allowing us health conscious, hard working lot the opportunity to look after ourselves too! Healthy Eating and living has to stop being available to just those that can afford it- after all, isnt that a major contributor to the trouble in this world- inequality. Until now, the only opposition to the Froothie Blender was the Vitamix Blender and you only have to see the comparison chart below (click on it if the font is too small) to understand the superior quality of the Froothie Blender- that again, i will say is half the price of the Vitamix. Froothie! Affordable to all of us!

Vitamix vs optimum

So back to the first question- What’s so different about a Froothie compared to Mums blender in the cupboard?

The Froothie can not only make Smoothies and Frappe’s –  a Froothie blender can make hot soups, shakes, nut milks, sauces, nut butters, fruit and vegetable Juices. Grains are turned into flours in seconds, dips, spreads and Purees are whipped up in an instant and when the working week is done- cocktails, the Froothie will get your Friday evening rocking with some well balanced cock or mocktails! Froothie does the lot- all without the change of any attachments or needing to be a mastermind of engineering genius detaching and attaching various blades, graters or sieves- none of that! The Froothie is one blade, one jug and one powerhouse of an appliance!  The Froothie has one set of high speed commercial strength blades and 2 simple switches to vary the speeds and duration of your blades. Its incredibly easy to clean, with no tricky detachments or hard to access parts.

Here is an example of literally what i blended up this morning:
3 cups of mixed green leaves- or there about, i literally just grabbed a couple handfuls out of the bag- this is not a science!
I poured in some frozen Blue berries- id say 3/4 of a cup
1 heaped table spoon of Diatomaceous earth
I poured… oh, id say 4 table spoons of Chia Seed
1 heaped teaspoon of Vital Greens
Filtered water- blended her up, poured it into my mason Jar and i was off!
Quick rinse of the Blender itself, left upside down on the sink to dry and im out the door.


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