This week, we’ll talk about motivation. What gets you going, what gets you up in the morning . . .

For me, it is my health first and, of course, this includes managing my weight. I love all kinds of food (but especially love carbs) so I have to train about 90 minutes a day to keep my weight down.

I take Livatone Plus all year round for a gentle liver detox, energy and a little kick from the vitamin B it contains.

As a Triathlon Coach, I have heard all the excuses in the book . . . “it’s too hot, too windy, stormy, too dark, not dark enough, too bright, not bright enough”  . . . well, you don’t have these issues at the gym! There are so many gyms around now which seem to cater to almost every requirement (excuse) so find one that works for you and join.

The reason I suggest that you actually join the gym rather than just attend as the mood takes you, is that you will likely find more motivation to attend the gym if you are paying hard earned money for it!

Set two alarm clocks for the same time 6 days a week for the routine effect. One day off and sleep in a week is needed. Put one right beside your bed and another one on the other side of the room beside a mirror. Turn both off and have a look at your image in the mirror. We are very critical by nature, so often this will help with the motivation we need in the early morning to get up and at ’em.

Drink a coffee or tea with no sugar or milk and train on a empty stomach for weight loss and cleansing effect.

Train in all weather conditions, inside or outdoors but do not miss those 6 days, unless you are sick of course . . .

Walk, run, run-walk, cycle, row, do weights . . . it does not matter what sport you do as long as you get out and do it!

My advice would to get out there and do some run-walks. Start and finish your session with a 10 min walk then do 10 reps of 30 second easy jog with 90 second easy walk recovery. You can slowly increase the running and decrease the walking until you run a full twenty minutes.

An exercise routine is priority number one, remember to drink 30ml of water per kilo of body weight per day, lots of green tea and do not succumb to excuses.

Remember that the weak find an excuse and the strong find a way!

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