My name is Stephane Vander Bruggen, I am a Triathlete and Level 1 Professional Coach (Triathlon and Swimming). I live with my wife and family in Geelong, Victoria.

I wasn’t always a fit Level 1 Triathlon and swimming Coach. I came to Australia 10 years ago for a training camp but stayed because, whilst out practising my dance moves at Salsa dancing, I met the love of my life, Belinda (who later became my wife).

I then moved on to become an importer of Belgian Chocolates, nougat and 5 star confectionery. Although I did this business for only 36 months, I found that I had put on 36kgs! To say that I had a sugar addiction is an understatement!

I then made the decision to sell the business to get back to my first love, Triathlons. I started a coaching company where I worked full time and this gave me the incentive to lose 30kgs within 15 months. However, things got tough from there so I got in touch with Margaret Jasinska from Cabot Health who helped me lose 4 out of the last 6kgs.

Now feeling good and healthy is my new passion (as is my job) and Cabot Health has definitely been contributing to this . . .

As a Triathlete / Iron Man, it is vital that I have the energy and discipline to go the distance – no matter what! All my years of training won’t get me on the podium if I can’t get myself out of bed each morning, fighting fit and eager to start my day.

I train many young, promising athletes and help them to learn focus, determination and, above all, how to look after their bodies so they CAN achieve their dreams of winning these endurance races. Unfortunately, many have great potential but some fail due to insufficient preparation.

I guess endurance sport is a little like life . . . it is vital to spend time on planning and to focus on where you want to go and what you want to achieve; so important to be prepared for the journey and, of course; ensuring your body is nourished and fed the very best fuel you can give it. Good health can really make all the difference as far as longevity is concerned (either on the field or as we age).

I use Cabot Health products every day and have found them a great addition to my health regime. I love LivaTone Plus as this keep my liver in tip top condition thereby keeping my energy levels at their very best.

My 2012/13 season has been a great success with 11 Age Group (AG) wins, 2 Australian titles M35-39, 2 overall wins, winner of the Gatorade Series M35-39, 2nd National and Xosize Series M35-39 (with one race missing), two World Championship Bronze medals M35-39, qualification for both Long Distance (LD) and Iron Man (IM) World Championships and 6 podiums M35-39.

Summary of a great year

  • Overall win at Bali International Olympic Distance (OD) Triathlon, June 2012
  • Win in M35-39 (4th overall) at WSTC Altona Duathlon, June 2012
  • 3rd in M35-39 Hazelwood OD (4th overall) Triathlon, September 2012
  • 3rd Victorian Championships Duathlon M35-39 Yarra Bld, October 2012
  • 3rd World Championships Aquathlon M35-39 in New Zealand, October 2012
  • 3rd World Championships Sprint Triathlon M35-39 in New Zealand, October 2012
  • Australian Champion M35-39 LD Triathlon (5th overall) in Berri, November 2012
  • 5th M35-39 Gatorade Series St Kilda, November 2012
  • 2nd M35-39 Gatorade Series Elwood and 2nd fastest overall AG, December 2012
  • Winner Benalla Triathlon in M35-39 and 3rd overall, December 2012
  • 2nd M35-39 Gatorade Series Elwood and 4th AG overall, January 2013
  • Overall AG winner of Elwood Sprint National series 9th overall and 1st in M35-39, January 2013
  • Winner in M35-39 of Australian Champs in ACT of sprint Triathlon and 15th overall, January 2013
  • Winner in M35-39 of Gatorade OD Sandringham and 3rd AG overall and 13th Overall, February 2013
  • 9th AG in M35-39 in Geelong LD and 16th AG overall, February 2013
  • 1st AG overall and in M35-39 at Sufferfest LD and 3rd overall, March 2013
  • 1st in M35-39 at Gatorade Portarlington and 3rd overall AG, March 2013
  • 8 hours and 39 minutes at IM Melbourne and qualified for Hawaii World Champs IM, March 2013
  • 1st overall AG and in M35-39, 11th overall inc Elite at Gatorade St Kilda, April 2013
  • Overall winner of Altona WSTC sprint Triathlon, April 2013

I’m now getting ready for the Great Ocean Road Marathon and next season will be focussed on winning the World Championships LD M35-39 in China and on defending my two National Championship titles in M35-39.

I know that by using Cabot Health products, I am getting high quality supplements that really work for me. I realise that my body deserves the very best nutrients that I can give it and that is why Cabot Health supplements and protein powder are what I choose (okay, so I do still enjoy the occasional chocolate!)

I will be sharing some of my personal motivation and coaching tips with you and hope that you give them a try. Just remember that good health (and all that comes with it) starts with just a single step.

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