How is recovery going?

I hope you feel refreshed and ready to go again. Your routine has been broken and it might be a bit hard to get back into it but you will feel the benefits of a break in the long term and the motivation and love of sport will stay alive for many years to come!

Start back slowly and keep enjoying yourself by doing other sport and indulging yourself a bit. Don’t start being too serious with nutrition and training until two months before your first race.

Again, this is to keep you in the sport and to make sure it does not become a chore…

Make sure you focus on more hydration even if it is winter soon. Your body will be used to not doing much, so you’ll need to give extra hydration when you start again.

Please do 5 to 10 min easy jog warm up and warm down and keep running every second day only.

If you want to do extra activities in the middle of those two days, pick something like yoga, Pilates, aqua jogging, swimming, walking or riding…

Monday 30min easy jog on grass

Wednesday 35min easy on the soft surface please

Friday 40min easy jog on grass

Sunday 45min easy on the soft surface please

Tuesday run 50min including 20x15sec Max in hills & 45sec easy jog down hill

Thursday 55min easy on the soft surface please

Saturday run 60min in the flat 10x200m hard please & 100m easy jog recovery

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