What is a Stitch?

Most of us have had a stitch at some point while exercising. It is usually a localized pain felt in your side, below the ribs. Sometimes it is possible to exercise through the pain, however most people will feel the need to slow down or cease exercising.
There are a few theories suggesting that a stitch is caused by a reduction in blood flow to the diaphragm (muscle used for breathing), irritation of the membranes inside your abdomen or ligaments which support organs.
To avoid a stitch make sure you are adequately hydrated before exercising. If eating, make sure you give yourself 30-60mins between the end of the snack or 2-3 hours after a meal before beginning exercise. Slowly increase your exercise suitable to your level of fitness.
If you get a stitch while exercising you can reduce the intensity of exercise, bend forward & push on the sore area, or lie down & elevate the hips.
Monday – 50min swimming incl. 3 sets of 6 laps at high intensity + lots of rest in between

Tuesday – 50min run/walk as 5min run + 5min walk

Wednesday – Day Off

Thursday – 30min yoga or pilates class or follow a Youtube clip

Friday – 60min power walk

Saturday – Day off

Sunday – 90min to 2hr cycle outside if possible or 60min spin class focus on low RPM efforts

Monday – 30min yoga or pilates class or follow a Youtube clip

Tuesday – 50min run/walk as 6min run + 4min walk

Wednesday – Day off

Thursday – 50min swimming incl. 5 sets of 5 laps with high cadence & moderate intensity incl. plenty of rest between

Friday – A strength & conditioning/weights session or pump class

Saturday – 90min easy cycle on flat trail or on exercise bike

Sunday – Day Off

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