Illness and Exercise

Many people are confused as to whether they should continue to exercise when they are unwell. Of course common sense should be key here, if you cannot go to work then you are probably not I enough to exercise. But what if it isn’t that bad? I like to use the rule that if your symptoms are that of a common head cold & isolated in your head ie. Nose/throat/head ache etc. that if you feel ok you can still do some very low intensity exercise such as a 30min walk, cycle or stretch. If the symptoms are below your head ie. Aching body, sore chest & lungs etc. then you should have a full day off exercise & reassess the symptoms the next day.
Focus on drinking plenty of fluids, eating clean and resting as much as possible. Get back into some low intensity exercise as soon as the symptoms settle but wait for a few days before beginning anything where your heart rate increases too much.

Monday – Day Off
Tuesday – 40min run/walk as 5min run + 5min walk
Wednesday – Day Off
Thursday – 30min yoga or pilates class or follow a Youtube clip
Friday – 40min swimming incl. 10 laps focusing on upper body strength using pool buoy or paddles
Saturday – 90min easy cycle outside if possible or 60min spin class
Sunday – Day off

Monday – 60min power walk
Tuesday – 45min run/walk as 5min run + 3min walk
Wednesday – Day off
Thursday – 40min swimming incl. 15 laps focusing on high stroke rate (fast arms)
Friday – 30min yoga or pilates class or follow a Youtube clip
Saturday – 90min to 2hr easy cycle outside or 60min spin class
Sunday – Day Off

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