How is your assignment going? How does your body react with the intensity? It is completely normal to go through ups and downs in sport.

Sometimes, you will feel invincible and other times, you will feel like you can’t do anything right.
Be patient when this happens and listen to your body. You’ll eventually come out of the bad patch and it will make you appreciate the good times but it will also make you stronger mentally!

It is also normal to feel a bit down the day after a hard training session. The good happy hormones (endorphin) will only really be released when you train easy to steady. When your body is under pressure, cortisol (stress hormone) will be released into your bloodstream to react against stress, damages, inflammation, micro tears in your muscles, but this also means that you can feel a bit down the next day. Glutamine plus colostrum powder will help you with recovery, with that little down feeling, will help repair your muscle damage and will also help you stay healthy with the colostrum.

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Please do 5 to 10 min easy jog warm up and warm down:

  • Monday 10x40sec tempo in hills & 80sec easy jog down hill
  • Wednesday 45min easy
  • Friday 10x30sec max on the flat & 90sec easy jog
  • Sunday 50min easy
  • Tuesday 10x45sec tempo in hills & 75sec easy jog down hill
  • Thursday 45min easy
  • Saturday 10x35sec max on the flat & 85sec easy jog


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