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Tips To Maintaining Motivation

get-fit-logo-kate-2016Tips To Maintaining Motivation

Did you set a new year’s resolution? Was it a diet, fitness or a bucket list item? Take a moment to reflect on any goals you may have set yourself in the last 4-6 months. The key is to rest when required but try & stay active all year around. Here are my top tips to maintaining your motivation toward a new goal:

  • Pick an event eg. Fun run in three to six months time
  • Select a few lead up events (a bit shorter than the original goal)
  • Get a friend to join you & train together
  • Join a local group who might be training for the same or a similar event
  • Tell a friend or significant other about your goal & ask them to help you stay on track
  • Use an app or training diary to plan & track your training

Monday 50mins swimming incl. kicking set with or without fins

Tuesday 50min power walk (before brekky if possible)

Wednesday 20min easy morning run & 20min easy lunch/after work run

Thursday day off

Friday 30min easy jog incl. some hills

Saturday 45-60mins stretching/yoga/pilates or home gym

Sunday 1-2hr cycle on road or trail if possible incl. some hills

Monday day off

Tuesday 50min swimming incl. 20mins of short sprints with plenty of rest

Wednesday 30min easy morning run & 20min easy lunch/after work run

Thursday 45-60mins stretching/yoga/pilates or home gym

Friday day off

Saturday 90min-2hr power walk/hike or other recreational activity

Sunday 60min swim focusing on long smooth strokes and steady efforts >100m