get fit and mean it logo-newHow is the motivation with winter settling in? Think about the long term and pick a goal as soon as possible to help and motivate you to get out the door. Remember that regularity is number one in sport.

If you struggle with recovery and if you are getting sore muscle from getting back into training, I could not recommend Cabot Health’s Glutamine powder enough. Glutamine will help heal the micro tears created by hard or long training sessions. Better recovery means you can back it up quicker. Give it a try!

To help motivation in the winter, get in your car and drive to a nice spot to do your work-outs or just somewhere different. I love discovering places while I run. You can run anywhere around the world, that is one of the many great things about running…Try a close by beach, forest, national park, track, footy oval, hills. Your call, as long as it breaks your daily routine and brings a bit of excitement and fun into your work outs.

If you pick a hilly spot, warm up and warn down on the flat please so that you avoid injuries. Many times, I have picked to top of a (small) mountain as a goal and I tried not to walk at any stages. That is a good way to bring challenge into your work-outs and a good way to bring your fitness up. Hard core but very satisfying  🙂

Work outs. Always do at least 10min warm up. Walk if you like. Train every second days but you can do Pilates, yoga & stretching or other sports easy on days off

Mon 30min easy walk
Wed run 45min easy on the flat + soft surface
Fri 30min easy walk
Sun run 60min on undulated course in 10x2min at 80% x1min easy at 60%
Tue 30min easy walk
Thur run 60min Main is 5x200m hard x200m easy jog L1 (can be done on the track)
Sat 30min easy walk

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