The benefits of using organic hair colours

By Marilyn Searle – Master Hairdresser and Trichologist

Hair health and appearance is on the mind of every man and woman who indulges in colouring their hair. We do it even though we know how detrimental chemical hair dyes can be on our crowning glory, causing serious damage, dryness and hair breakage. Most hair dyes are loaded with harsh and harmful chemicals such as resorcinol, PPD, ammonia and peroxide. These ingredients are terrible for the health of your hair and scalp and your liver and kidneys and generally they smell awful.

The benefits of organic and natural hair colours

  • They do not smell
  • They work just as well as the chemically charged dyes
  • They do not cause hair breakage
  • They nourish and strengthen the hair shaft
  • They are safer to use if you have problems with your immune system, liver, kidneys or are pregnant or breastfeeding

So now you can wear beautiful colours with confidence and become an environmental champion by changing to natural organic shampoos, conditioners and colours that will not compromise our waterways and impact our aquatic life.

Natural hair products are the modern way to ensure the health of your hair, scalp and organs. When you are informed about the many benefits available and start using these products you will never go back to using haircare products with harsh chemicals. The use of organic products also secures the health of our environment and this is always a good thing.

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