If you are in Victoria, have you been blown away by this wind yet?

Not ideal training conditions but almost everyone has a gym within 5kms of their house!

It is now time to give up the walking and start some proper running. Keep up your warm up and warm down as a 5min easy walk but then get into a 20min jog non stop!

Yes, you are ready for it by now, so do not worry and just go for it. Increase your running by just 1 minute every second day and this will take you to up to 26 minutes of non stop running in two weeks.

In my next blog we will start the intensity which means more injury risk but also more calories burned and more efficient sugar burning machinery

Don’t forget to look after yourselves and keep positive.

With the intensity and the warmer weather, you’ll also lose more fluids and minerals, so drink up and make sure you get your daily magnesium intake, your body will thank you. Cramping will be an obvious sign of dehydration but also muscle lethargy, headache and feeling of being hot & cold…

Don’t forget that we are human, we do get bad days, emotional moments when we don’t want to run but believe me when I say that it is especially in those moments that your body and mind will thank you!

Keep up the good work…

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