Smoking and hair loss

Dear Marilyn

I have taken up smoking again. My husband is not at all happy about this and has told me that my smoking will make my hair fall out and I will get more wrinkles. How can that be true?

Hi Christa

In a way he is correct, and smoking can increase hair loss, among other problems. The reason behind this is that smoking affects the lungs and the liver and reduces blood circulation and oxygen to the body extremities and scalp. Your hair follicles depend on a steady supply of oxygen and blood to thrive. Unhealthy or dying follicles lead directly to shedding hair.

I would recommend you start with a body and scalp detox, oxygen therapy, ozone sauna treatments and the Cabot Health 15-Day Cleanse to delay the ageing effects of smoking.  I am happy to help you with this – please email me at or contact the clinic for further information.

Holistic trichologist
& hairdresser Marilyn Searle

If you have concerns about your hair, holistic trichologist and hairdresser Marilyn Searle will guide you in the right direction. Hair assessments are available from Marilyn at Salon Medica Hair Clinic, 16 Broughton Street, Camden. Your personal hair assessment can be done via Zoom, face-to-face with Marilyn or you can simply fill out and submit the hair questionnaire below.

Email enquiries to or call her on 0497 842 672. For more information download her BROCHURE.

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