How is your training going?

Are you coping with the intensity?

Do not forget that it is the little things you do will make a huge difference to your recovery.

What I mean by that is things like massages, stretching, right nutrition, bath = ice and Epsom salt, Cabot Health vitamins and minerals, compression wear, proper sleeping pattern and habits…Part of staying healthy, motivated and active in your future, is recovery.

April is a month where the racing dies off, unless if you a winter cross country club in your town. So take some time to recover so we can keep you active for many, many years.

You might not feel like recovery, but please do it as it will help you mentally as well, especially when the going gets tough in the winter…Recovery helps you getting hungry for training again.

It is a good time to be more social and have a bit of fun but watch your weight please – it is very easy to put on 2 to 4 kilos in two weeks!

All, I’ll ask you to do for the next two weeks is to do an exercise of your choice for 30 minutes every second days but NO intensity please!

It can be cycling, walking, swimming, surfing, golf but no running AT ALL involved, not even ball sport. Otherwise, your muscles, tendons, cartilages won’t get the chance to heal…

Have fun and train safe!

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