For quite a while now, we have been lucky to have a really great guy writing our Fitness Blog. His name is Stephane Vander Bruggen and he is a triathlete. And not just any triathlete (although, in saying that, any triathlete is pretty awesome considering the gruelling discipline they have chosen) – he is the current Australian Champion in OD Mens 35-39 and has been a World Champion in his discipline. He is in fine form to take the gold again this year at the World Championships in China.

Stephane loves Cabot Health products – and, in particular, our Magnesium Ultra Potent. Lucky for us! Stef, as he is called by those who know him, is a man who knows how great it feels to cross the finish line first. He also knows that this takes discipline, focus and motivation and, of course, a “never say die” attitude.

He is such a great role model for all of us but, in particular, for those of us who may no longer be teenagers. Simply because we may have a few more runs on the board is no reason to think it is “game over”. At every stage of our lives we face challenges and we need to be on the top of our game in every way to meet and triumph over life’s hurdles.

Stef knows that being a champion means putting in the work. It means eating right, supporting his body with the right health supplements, training, training and then training some more! Mental focus and belief in himself is another crucial part of being a winner . . . and never giving up gives him the chance to be on the top step of the podium in every race.

Here is more about Stef . . . in his own words:

I’m not a big sports star, just a good athlete, husband, dad and coach. I have lived as a professional athlete for 6 years but have now found my balance doing what I love doing the most, coaching and sharing my knowledge.

My days starts at 5:30am every day and finishes at 7:30pm every evening so coaching keeps me busy between squad sessions, banking, feedback, programs, planning, traveling, follow up, meetings, one on one sessions, filming, active training and family time.


It was in 1988, I was 12, and my parents were both Triathletes. I was really pushing for my Dad to let me do a sprint with them in France. He finally agreed, but made me promise I would do it easy. I did keep my promise until my Mum caught me half way on the bike leg, and I ended up in a sprint with her on the run (she won). I crossed the line white in my face and with blue lips from the effort, didn’t keep my promise to my Dad, and had to wait 3 years before I could do another one! I cursed him, but have to thank him now for slowing me down. Otherwise I would have burned out like many other kids have done!


As a level 1 Triathlon and Swimming Coach, I’m always glad to share my knowledge and experience I gained through 26 years of competitive Triathlon. I base my coaching on experience, feel for the person’s needs, regularity, communication and hard work.

But at the end of the day, it is all about enjoying your training, staying or becoming healthy, trying to have fun with it and be supported by the squad you are training in. My job is to work out what type of training will fit around your busy lifestyle by giving you smart, progressive and time efficient training programs. I coach about 30 Triathletes, 5 runners and 70 swimmers, so this keeps me busy but as long as there is love and passion, I’ll keep doing this…

Longest Day of Training in 2014

I had to support my Ironman squad this year by training with them, so I made myself do the following session with them. We rode 190kms in 8 hours in the Alps followed by a 5kms run. We rode 200kms on the Great Ocean Road in 7 hours followed by a 5kms run and a 1km swim. The bike ride include 4 x 40kms hard time trials or another gruelling session was running 10kms on empty stomach, then ride 90kms including 45kms Max TT and then run 22kms steady…
I guess this was also beneficial to me as it got me to become Australian Champion OD in M35-39…

Cabot’s help

I’m a big fan of Cabot Health’s Magnesium Ultra Potent which is the only magnesium that really works for me.

I also take their selenium, calcium, olive leaf, glutamine powder, bone & joint nutrients, LivaTone Plus and Thyroid Health. I love to snack on their Guilt Free High Protein Low Carb snack bars to keep my weight down when I have the munchies.

This is the right balance for me and this helps me achieve good health, recovery and blood profile during the hard training weeks that my body has to absorb…Without this, I could not lead the busy life I’m leading as a Dad, Athlete and full time Coach.

My achievements

I won 15 races as junior and 15 as a Pro. I won 47 races as an Age Grouper but here is a little summary:

  • 77 Triathlon wins including Junior, Elite and Age Group
  • Level 1 Triathlon Coach / Triathlon Australia since 2009
  • 4 x Australian Triathlon Champion – Age Group (including current 2014)
  • 2 x World Age Group Championship Medallist
  • 5 times Victorian Champion – Age Group
  • Triathlon Australia National Age Group Series Champion
  • Belgium ITU Professional Triathlete from 1997 until 2003
  • Gatorade Series Age Group Champion 2012 & 2013
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