get-fit-logo-kate-2016Nutrition is often just as important as the training session itself.

At times, it can mean a successful session or one where you do not achieve your goals. The key is to consume your last meal approx. 90 mins to 2 hours prior to the start of the session to ensure enough time to digest the food and replenish energy stores.Choose meals that are light, easy to digest and provide you with plenty of energy.

Workout schedule
Monday day off
Tuesday 10km easy jog <75% on grass or trail + core & stretching
Wednesday 30min easy jog <75% before brekky + 30min easy cycle or swim in PM
Thursday 15km tempo run incl. 8 sets of 2mins hard 90% + 2mins steady 80% + 2min easy <75%
Friday 30min easy swim or cycle <75%
Saturday 90min easy jog on undulating trail <75%
Sunday 60min easy jog <75% incl. 10 repeats up set stairs (approx. 100m) + recovery back down the stairs
Monday core & stretching
Tuesday 75min easy jog <75%
Wednesday day off
Thursday 60min easy cycle <75%
Friday 30min easy jog <75% in AM and 12km steady 80% run on trail in PM
Saturday 8-10km fun run at max effort or TT incl. 3km easy warm up & warm down <75% incl. 5 short sprints in warm up
Sunday day off

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