This time we will be talking about obsessions and obsessive personalities which are a common thread in Athletes. skull-shoe

Have a long term dream instead of a short term goal.

Find something you want to achieve that will keep you in the sport for a long time and do not take shortcuts with training. Take a step by step approach and keep your life balanced.

Many Athletes I have met end up doing a three year cycle and never race again because their obsessive approach plus all the hours of training meant they sacrificed too much. They end up questioning why they did it and never do it again.

What is your sport dream? Mine is to become a World Champion one day… in fact, I am off to the World Championships in Canada this Sunday. Time to live the dream!

Please do 5 to 10 min easy jog warm up and warm down & keep running every second day only.

If you want to do extra activities in the middle of those two days, pick something like yoga, Pilates, aqua jogging, swimming, walking or riding…

Monday 30min easy jog on grass

Wednesday 75min easy on the soft surface please inc 6kms as 400m hard + 200m easy and record your 6kms time

Friday 60min easy jog on grass inc 10x50m accel with walk back

Sunday 90min easy on the soft surface please inc 10x90sec as 30sec tempo, 30sec hard and 30sec max x90sec easy

Tuesday run 60min including 10x30sec accel each 10sec in hills & recover down hill please

Thursday 30min easy on the soft surface please like grass

Saturday run 90min in the flat 5x1000m hard = 90% please & 200m steady jog recovery like your marathon pace please = 80%

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