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Get fit and mean it!

Learning MTB Skills


Learning MTB Skills One of the single biggest changes that I have made to my MTB skills over the past 12 months is learning how to get into the “attack …

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Tips To Maintaining Motivation


Tips To Maintaining Motivation Did you set a new year’s resolution? Was it a diet, fitness or a bucket list item? Take a moment to reflect on any goals you …

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Sneaky Exercise Tips


Sneaky Exercise Tips Most people prefer doing their exercise regimen when the weather is favourable and during day light hours. However, this is not always practical when factoring in full/part …

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Protein & Metabolism


Protein & Metabolism Essentially metabolism is the speed at which the motor of our body is running and the rate can be referred to as the amount of calories we …

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Focus on Your Swimming Technique


Focus on Your Swimming Technique For those of you who struggle through the water- you’re not alone. Here is a list of common technique mistakes in swimming & ways to …

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Slowing Down Your Exercise


Slowing Down Your Exercise   There’s a few different forms of exercise out there now that aim to give you the most bang for your buck. By this I mean …

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Basic Nutrition for Longer Exercise Sessions


Basic Nutrition for Longer Exercise Sessions If you have been following my blog for a while you will start to notice that some of the sessions are getting longer or …

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Pool Running / Aqua Jogging


Pool Running / Aqua Jogging Pool running is usually done in waist deep water where you run touching the ground. Aqua jogging is in the deep end with a floatation …

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Strength Training for Running


Strength Training for Running So you’ve been following the run/walk sessions in this blog for a few months. The next step from here is to start building some more specific …

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Cardio vs Strength Training


Cardio vs Strength Training Cardio or cardiovascular training is typically longer (relatively) slower training aimed at improving the function of your heart, lungs and blood vessels. Exercises such as cycling, …

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