get fit and mean it logo-newHow is your training going? Great to be training in good weather again. It is so much easier to train and recover!

The thing is that you have to hydrate heaps more now and look after your electrolytes loading. I use Magnesium Complete daily as this helps me sleep and relax.

You also need to watch the sun exposure as it will add extra stress and free radicals on your body on top of the training, so make sure you dress appropriately, cover your neck, head and arms and apply sunscreen. Nothing wrong with having a quick drink stop if needed as this will help recovery and will benefit your next session. No point getting home completely dehydrated or that will affect your body, your recovery and you future training. Nothing wrong with training in the heat, especially if you know you will be racing in the heat but bring a drink bottle with you and cool down your head and neck with water when you see a tap. Small tricks that will make a bit difference. Train safe 🙂

Don’t forget to think about recovery. A good way to recover from training is to use Cabot Health’s Glutamine powder. If you are not sure what you are doing and need some help, maybe it is time to talk to a professional coach.

Work outs. Always do at least 10min warm up. Walk if you like. Train every second days but you can do Pilates, yoga and stretching or other sports easy on days off. I recommend to do easy swimming or riding on days you are not running…

Mon 90min easy jog on grass + 10x100m sprint max with 100m jog recovery
Wed run 60min easy in hills
Fri 30min easy jog on empty stomach and on the grass
Sun run 90min on undulated course in 5x3min at 100% x1min easy at 60%
Tue 60min easy jog on grass on empty stomach
Thur run 90min Main is 5x800m at 85% x200m at 75% (can be done on the track)
Sat 60min easy jog on the flat and gravel tracks or grass

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