How are your new commitments going? This time the blog will be about committing to starting an exercise routine.

With only 5 weeks to go until spring, we need to bring back or build those beach bodies!

Nothing better than an exercise routine joined with a clean diet and Cabot Health supplements.

Slow exercise will  focus on fat burning and fast pacing on calorie burning. You can easily burn 750 calorie per hour if you run hard for 60 minutes. That is one third of your recommended daily calorie intake! Exciting but too early to be talking about fast pacing. We all have to start somewhere!

Your first session will be 15 minute walk as a warm up, then run for 30 seconds easy and walk 90 seconds easy recovery. This set has to be repeated ten times followed by another 15 minute walk as a warm down. This is a 50 minute session that will go fast and can be done in the gym if the weather is bad.

Do this every second day and increase the running by 5 seconds and decrease the walking by 5 seconds in your main set. Keep the same warm up and warm down. When you get to 60 seconds run – 60 seconds walk, stick to that amount of running for two weeks.

Feel free to drop me an e-mail to tell me about your progress.

Keep positive, be patient and commit!

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