How is your training going?

No more walking and the introduction of the intensity now. This might make you sore but this will pick up your metabolic rate and will help you sleep better as long as this is not done too late at night…

So, jog for 10 minutes and then do 10 x 20 seccond tempo (fast but not max) and take 100 second active recovery jog, slow running, then cool down for 10 minute easy jog. Please do not forget to stretch and drink straight after your runs as this will help your recovery!

Every second run, I want you to only run 30 minutes easy. Try different surfaces and terrains please. Your next run, you will increase the intensity by 5 seconds and decrease the recovery by 5 seconds.

At the end of the two weeks, you will running 35 seconds tempo and will be recovering for 85 seconds . . . easy jog, easy.

Good luck and train safe!

Monday 10 x 20 seconds tempo and 100 seconds easy jog
Wednesday 30 minutes easy
Friday 10 x 25 seconds tempo and 95 seconds easy jog
Sunday 30 minutes easy
Tuesday 10 x 30 seconds tempo and 90 seconds easy jog
Thursday 30 minutes easy
Saturday 10 x 35 seconds tempo and 85 seconds easy jog

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