How is your training going? Did you survive the end of year over-indulgences? It can be hard to refocus after not doing much more than eating between Christmas and New Year.

The weight will go away slowly and there are a few tricks you can do.

Try and train on empty stomach for up to 90 minutes. Start with 30min and slowly increase.

Of course, we all know that drinking water is a must but a good trick is to have a cup of black and green tea mixed together as soon as you wake up. No milk or sugar! This will increase the fat burning effect, raise your heart rate and pick up your metabolic rate. I also always take Livatone Plus before and after Christmas to give my body and liver a bit of a cleanse. Give it a go – you may be surprised just how much easier it is to drop those kilos and you will certainly love the energy boost from all those B Vitamins.

Work out

Always do at least 10min warm up. Walk if you like. Train every second day but you can do Pilates, yoga and stretching or other easy sports on days off.

Mon run 30min easy on grass

Wed run 60min in hills inc 10x300m up hill as 100m tempo, 100m hard & 100m max & recover in down hill

Fri run 60min easy on the flat

Sun run 90min on undulated course in 5x5min at 90% x1min easy float

Tue run 30min easy on grass

Thur run 75min inc 20min at 85% & 10min at 90% with 10min easy between reps

Sat run 90min easy in hills inc 10x50m strides with walk back

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