Struggling to Breathe?

By Kate Bramley
Many people returning to exercise after a period of time off or with medical conditions struggle to regulate their breathing patterns.

Whatever the cause of your breathing issues there are a few tips which may help you.
• Find out the cause of your lack of breath- is it the weather? Medications? Anxiety? General fitness?
• Focus on maintaining a regular breathing pattern that is steady & controlled
• Focus on breathing the air out of your lungs if you find you are hyperventilating
• When you breathe in allow your chest & stomach to expand & the air to fill your lungs. You can practice this while lying down. Place a book on your belly & make sure it moves up & down when you breathe instead of just your lungs.
• Swimming is a great activity to help you regulate your breathing

Monday – 50min run/walk as 8min run + 2min walk
Tuesday – 45mins of yoga focusing on controlling breathing patterns
Wednesday – 60min swimming. Try a local swim squad or lesson. Focus on breathing patterns & breathe each side if possible.
Thursday – Day Off
Friday – 60min power walk
Saturday – Day off
Sunday – 90min to 2hr cycle outside if possible or 60min spin class focus on high intensity short intervals. During recovery time focus on steading breathing.
Monday – 45mins of yoga focusing on controlling breathing patterns
Tuesday – Day off
Wednesday – 30mins easy jog no stopping
Thursday – 60min swimming incl. some laps where you hold you breath for up to 8-10 strokes
Friday – A strength & conditioning/weights session or pump class
Saturday – 2hr+ cycle outside on trail or road if possible
Sunday – Day Off

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