get-fit-logo-kate-2016Stretching is one of the most forgotten parts of exercise, yet it is one of the most important.

Stretching has many benefits including lengthening your muscle fibres, ligaments and tendons to allow them to move through their full range of motion for each desired activity. Periods of inactivity, hard training sessions, sitting down at a desk or in a position for too long can reduce the length of these soft tissues making movement harder.

You should aim to complete a short stretching session after a training session or after a general warm up. A general stretching program is fine, but you should contact a practitioner if you are experiencing specific tightness or fatigue in one or more areas.


Workout schedule

Monday 20min power walk + 15min stretching

Tuesday 30mins swimming focus on strength using pool buoy or paddles

Wednesday 20min core strength exercises + 15min stretching

Thursday rest day

Friday 60min cycle spin class in gym or 60mins including 10 sets of 1min hard effort + 2min easy

Saturday rest day

Sunday 20min easy jog + 10mins power walk + 15mins stretching afterward


Monday 40mins swimming incl. 2 sets of 10mins with kicking focus

Tuesday 60min cycle spin class in gym or 60mins including 10 sets of 2min hard gear + 2min easy or 60mins on mountain bike including some hills

Wednesday rest day

Thursday  skipping + 20mins core strength exercises + 10mins stretching afterward

Friday 30min power walk

Saturday 30mins easy jog (can include a local Parkrun event) + 15min stretching afterward

Sunday rest day

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