Best time of the year for fun runs and just training really. It is not too hot yet and you get plenty of sunlight early AM and late PM. No excuses not to get out there and get the job done yet!

Because it is about to get really hot, let’s talk about strategies to allow you to train in the heat.

  1. Wear powdered sunscreen only so it does not block your pores
  2. Wear a cap and sunnies
  3. Wear a light breathable material to run in
  4. Run with a bottle of water that came out of the freezer
  5. Think about loading up on electrolytes before and after
  6. Stop at a water tap if needed and pour water into your cap and on your head
  7. Take Cabot Health Magnesium AM and PM
  8. Add some salt in your food after training in the heat

We have plenty of coaches who can help you with this


Work outs

Always do at least 10min warm up. Walk if you like. Train every second days but you can do Pilates, yoga and stretching or other sports easy on days off. I recommend to do easy swimming or riding on days you are not running…

Mon 90min easy jog on grass + 10x400m sprint max with 200m jog recovery

Wed run 30min easy on grass

Fri 75min easy jog on empty stomach and on the grass

Sun run 90min on undulated course in 5x2min at 90% x2min at 80% and 2min easy at 70%

Tue 30min easy jog on grass on empty stomach

Thur run 90min Main is 3x2000m at 90% x400m at 60% (can be done on the track)

Sat 60min easy jog on the flat and gravel tracks or grass & empty stomach

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