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Many people struggle to motivate themselves to begin exercising or stay active. The first thing to do is to set your self a goal that isn’t related to improved fitness or weight loss. Choose an event instead. This might be a walk, fun run, or a longer event such as a 10km or triathlon. Whatever it is sign up to the event as soon as possible to commit yourself and then work on a plan to get you there step by step. There are many coaching businesses or PTs partnered with events who provide guidelines & training tips for the event. That is a good place to start, or maybe do a Google search for somewhere closer to home.

For example – Choose a fun run or walk that is a challenging distance for you. Aim to give yourself at least 3-4 months to prepare, longer (6-12 months) if you have been inactive for a while. You can follow the workouts below and include a few more specific runs or walks as you get closer to the date.

Monday – 40min power walk + 15mins stretching

Tuesday – 30min swimming including 10 longer reps of 100m+ with 30sec rest in between

Wednesday – 30min yoga or pilates class or follow a Youtube clip

Thursday – Day off

Friday – 30min run/walk as 3min run + 1min walk

Saturday – 90min easy cycle outside if possible or 60min spin class

Sunday – Day off


Monday – 5 sets of 5min skipping + 5min easy jog

Tuesday – 30min yoga or pilates class or follow a Youtube clip

Wednesday – Day off

Thursday – 35min swimming including 10 sets of 50m with 20sec rest in between. Focus on getting faster each 50.

Friday – 45min power walk

Saturday – 30min run/walk as 4min run + 1min walk

Sunday – 90min trail cycle incl. some hills

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