How are things going and how did you go with your test?

Spring is here now so I don’t want to hear usual weather excuses…Your body should start feeling great, your waist line might be smaller if you have looked after your diet of course, your energy levels should be picking up by now. If not, you might be running too fast. Remember that I want you to jog nice and easy only.

You have to teach your body to adapt to the new load and burn fats which is the preferred fuel to use during training. Glucose is used a lot more when you are going hard or racing.

You now need to make sure you are wearing the right footwear for you, you need to do every second run on a soft surface (gravel, grass, bush tracks). To avoid injuries, you need to be drinking more water, stretching (before and after), use compression wear and make sure you take magnesium as it can be used to relieve muscular cramps and spasms and nervous tension. Magnesium will also help you sleep better and even help with with anxiety!

I want you to have a look at a running calendar and I want you to pick a 5km fun run at the start of December. You always need a goal to train better and the find the extra motivation. That’s exciting, isn’t it?

For the next two weeks, I want you to walk 5min warm up and 5min warm down. In the middle, run 4x5min easy jog with 1min easy walk recovery. Run every second day, keep the same warm-up, recovery walk and the same warm down but increase the running by 30sec every new work out. In two weeks, you be up to 4x8min easy jog with 1min walk recovery!

Did you ever think you could run that far?

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