get fit and mean it logo-newHow is your training going?

Not much racing going on right now unless you are in Victoria and you can run the Geelong half marathon or do the Great Ocean Road marathon. So it is time for some well-deserved time off so that you can kick goals again once the warmer weather comes back.

Time off is a very important part of your training. This is when sport does not take over, so relax, have fun, socialize and do not think about sport for two weeks.

Limit your exercise to 30min every second day with no intensity whatsoever and no running at all please.

Do more yoga or Pilates, go for a swim, a bike ride, walk, play ball sports or surf. Your call but enjoy and have fun 🙂 Your body will thank you for it when you put it under pressure again.

Recovery means healing your niggles, getting fresh again mentally and getting some fire in the belly back again!

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