NAC may help those with addictions

A natural protein called N-Acetyl-Cysteine or NAC has shown promise in early clinical trials to help those with addictions, including addiction to the dangerous drug ICE (methamphetamine). It may also help those addicted to nicotine, cocaine and cannabis. NAC has been found to alter brain chemicals associated with addiction according to the trials at Curtin University. Their trials are aimed at showing if NAC can reduce levels of use in those who are actively using ICE. The drug ICE causes an imbalance in glutamate systems in the brain. NAC can rebalance the glutamate systems in the brain in a favourable way. Desperate parents are hopeful these trials will work as Australia suffers with an ICE epidemic. The National Drug Research Institute is heading the trial and 180 people who want to reduce their methamphetamine addiction will be recruited for 12 weeks.

A Matrix Model trial in South Australia has found that this intensive community-based treatment provides results up to six times better than traditional programs like rehab or detox. The program incorporates social support, relapse prevention and family education, combined with meditation and Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

NAC is used by the liver to make the powerful antioxidant called glutathione which repairs liver, kidney and lung damage. It is also helpful for those with excess respiratory mucus and infections.

For more information on NAC call our health advisory service on 0246558855.

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