get-fit-logo-kate-2016Have you stagnated in your training or fitness program?

There can be many reasons for this but common ones include: lack of variety in training, doing the same thing each week, missing too many sessions or an imbalance in your nutrition. Each of the week’s activities are designed to break up the training and give you the opportunity to find an activity or a couple that you enjoy. People who enjoy something are usually more willing to spend time and effort into improving and will therefore see results.

Monday Day off
Tuesday 5mins skipping + 20mins core strength or pilates exercises
Wednesday 30mins swimming including 50m repeats with flippers & focus on kicking
Thursday 30min power walk
Friday Day off
Saturday 60min indoor fitness class such as cycling, pump or water aerobics
Sunday 45min run/walk on a bush trail as 10mins power walk + 5mins run

Monday 45mins stretching & core or yoga
Tuesday Day off
Wednesday 40mins swimming including 12 laps focusing on breathing every 3, 4 or 5 strokes
Thursday 50min run/walk as 8mins run + 2mins walk
Friday Day off
Saturday 60min bush walk to a scenic lookout
Sunday 90min trail cycle incl. some hills + 15mins stretching afterward

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