get fit and mean it logo-newAs everyone gets back to work after the festive season, it is important to maintain your regular fitness routine. You can use this time to focus on your technique and posture.

Focus on running tall, leaning forward from your feet (not hips), relaxed shoulders, arm movement from collarbone to ribs, look 5 metres ahead and aim to strike the ground mid foot.


Workout Schedule

Monday 60min easy jog <75% on soft surface

Tuesday stretching & core workout

Wednesday day off

Thursday 10km easy jog <75% incl. 10 sets of 30sec tempo 85% + 90sec easy <75% focus on technique

Friday easy 30min swim or cycle

Saturday 15km hilly run with 10 sets of 300m hard 90% uphill + recovery down the hill

Sunday 60min run incl. 10 sets of 2min at 90%, 1min at 80% & 2min <75%

Monday day off

Tuesday 30min easy jog <75% AM and PM

Wednesday core & stretching

Thursday 12km track session incl. 5 sets of 1000m max + 200m easy <75%

Friday 30min swim or cycle

Saturday 30min easy jog <75% incl. 5 sets of 15sec tempo 85% + 45sec easy <75%

Sunday 5km Fun Run or TT at max effort incl. 2.5km easy jog as warm up & warm down incl. 5 shorts sprints in warm up

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