Low carb ice cream

Looking for a low-carb way to satisfy your ice cream craving? This recipe will tick all your boxes.


Serves:  6
Ingredients:  6
Serving Size:  1 scoop
Total calories:  363 kcal
Carbohydrates:  8g
Fat:  29g
Protein:  17g



  1. Using electric beaters, mix together coconut cream, cream, Synd-X Slimming Protein Powder, Nature Sweet and essence until smooth and free of lumps.
  2. Fold in your fruit of choice, pour into a flat container, cover with food wrap and freeze until firm around the edges. Remove from freezer, break up mixture and place in a large bowl. Beat again until smooth and creamy, return to freezer until firmly set, then serve in scoops.
  3. Alternatively, after folding in your fruit of choice, you can use an ice cream making machine.
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