get-fit-logo-kate-2016Recovery is just as important as doing exercise. Some people struggle to get motivated to exercise, others go all out and never stop.

The key is to find a good balance, maintain consistency and listen to your body. A key skill is to work out when your body is tired from a key session or constantly fatigued from back to back sessions and the daily grind.

To assist my recovery from larger sessions (90mins of longer including intensity) I use Synd-X Protein Powder as a base to my banana smoothie.

For most of the athletes I coach, we work off a cycle of three weeks of harder training followed by one week of easier active recovery training. The focus is on sleeping a bit more, spending more time with family and friends, and getting any required treatment such as massage etc.

Recovery Week
Monday Day off
Tuesday 30min power walk + 15mins stretching
Wednesday 30min ergo cycle/rowing indoors incl. 10 sets of 10sec high intensity efforts
Thursday Day off
Friday 20min run walk as 1min run + 1 min walk
Saturday 20min easy swimming mix up the strokes
Sunday Day off

Monday 40min power walk + 15min stretching
Tuesday 60min ergo cycle indoors incl. 10 sets of 1min high intensity efforts or spin class
Wednesday 5mins skipping + 20mins core work + 5mins skipping
Thursday 30min swim set incl. 10 laps of kicking with rest after each lap
Friday Day off
Saturday 40min run/walk at hilly trail incl. 2min run + 1min walk
Sunday 90min trail cycle incl. some hills (incl. protein recovery smoothie if you don’t eat within 1hr post session)

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