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Learning MTB Skills

get-fit-logo-kate-2016Learning MTB Skills

One of the single biggest changes that I have made to my MTB skills over the past 12 months is learning how to get into the “attack position”. This position allows you to approach any trail with the purpose of riding it with some flow as opposed to surviving it.
Below is an outline of how to achieve the “attack position”.

  1. Keep weight through the pedals. Think heavy feet, light hands
  2. Bend your knees. For extra suspension.
  3. Hips back. Bum behind seat to prevent going over handlebars.
  4. Head Up. Look ahead on the trail for obstacles.

Monday 60mins easy recovery swimming include mixture of strokes

Tuesday day off

Wednesday 20min easy morning run & 20min easy lunch/after work run

Thursday 30min power walk (before brekky if possible) + 30mins in evening or lunch break

Friday day off

Saturday 10min power walk + 30min easy jog + 10min power walk

Sunday 60-90min MTB ride practice your skills on some smaller tracks

Monday 50min swimming incl. 20mins of short sprints with plenty of rest

Tuesday 45-60mins stretching/yoga/pilates or home gym

Wednesday day off

Thursday 30min easy morning run & 30min easy lunch/after work run

Friday 60min power walk before brekky if possible

Saturday day off

Sunday 60-90min MTB ride practice your skills on some smaller tracks