Most of us are programmed to put on weight easily if we do not exercise – indeed only 10% of people are the “Thyroid Body Type” which is the fine boned skinny type who is born with a smaller number of fat cells.

The Lymphatic Body Type is born with more fat cells which are distributed all over the body. The Gynaeoid Body Type is born with most of her fat cells distributed in her hips and thighs – the Gynaeoid Type is only found in women. The Android Body Type is born with their fat cells distributed in the trunk and abdominal wall and also inside the abdominal cavity. To discover your Body Type click here and do our interactive questionnaire.

So if it’s so hard to control your weight in this day and age, why bother? You are right, it’s more important to be happy and enjoy life; but really if you try some smart strategies, the task of losing weight becomes far less challenging.

Here are some smart weight loss strategies-

  • Make sure you get enough sleep – sleep deprivation upsets your bio-rhythms and hormones to promote weight gain.
  • Drink plenty of water or herbal tea to improve the liver function.
  • Don’t use sugar in your tea or coffee – use stevia or xylitol instead.
  • Check your thyroid function with a blood test and by taking your temperature before arising out of bed in the morning – if it’s less than 35.5 degrees centigrade, your thyroid is sluggish; this can be turned around easily – see the book Your Thyroid Problems Solved. Have a urine test done to check the urinary concentration of iodine and if its low, take a thyroid health capsule or eat seaweed.
  • Be wary of taking too many prescription drugs, as this increases the work load of the liver so there is less energy left in the liver for burning fat. I have found that weight gain often occurs in my patients soon after they have been started on 4 to 5 different drugs. Perhaps they are taking cholesterol-lowering drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-stomach acid drugs, diuretic drugs or anti-hypertensive drugs all at the same time. The liver must work very hard to break down all these medications. Perhaps if you changed your diet a little, did some raw vegetable juicing, a little bit of exercise and took a few supplements, you may not need so many drugs – food for thought at least!

For some people the biggest obstacle to losing weight is that they have tried before and nothing happened or it did not last. This is why I have developed the Quickloss Program as you see results quickly. This healthy weight loss program comes with a Quickloss Diet and Diary and is designed for fast weight loss – if you follow the plan correctly you should lose 2 kilograms a week.

I have found that gluten intolerance can be a problem for overweight people and gluten containing foods can slow down their metabolism and make them store fat. There is a genetic test available to see if you have the genes for gluten intolerance. I take many of my overweight patients off bread and gluten containing grains, and this really makes it much easier for them to lose weight.

Quickloss Meal Replacement is gluten free and comes with a gluten free Quickloss Diet

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