Hormone Health

There are still many women who find it difficult to get the help they need for a hormonal problem. Even today the standard treatment for most women with a “hormonal imbalance” is to put them on the oral contraceptive pill. Well, that’s ok if you need contraception, but if you don’t need contraception, the pill is not the ideal solution. The pill may lead to weight gain, breast tenderness and moodiness and may increase the risk of breast cancer.

Then why is natural progesterone one of medicine’s best kept secrets?

Because drug companies cannot patent a natural hormone and do not educate doctors about it!

Natural progesterone can help with the following problems –

  • Endometriosis
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Heavy painful bleeding
  • Fibroids
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Anaemia that causes chronic fatigue
  • Depression and anxiety

Women with these problems are almost always suffering with a deficiency of the hormone progesterone. We have found that natural progesterone is often tremendously effective at overcoming these problems without any side effects. You need a doctor’s prescription for natural progesterone and the dose must be right.

Rediscover your sexual youth and swing from the chandeliers!

Poor sex drive, vaginal dryness, vaginal discomfort, bladder problems and anorgasmia can be overcome with a combination of natural oestrogen, testosterone, and progesterone plus some nutritional supplements.


Many women with a weight problem have a hidden or subtle hormonal imbalance that needs to be addressed before they can lose weight.

For example they may have a sluggish thyroid gland, too many male hormones, too much oestrogen or too much insulin. These things can be rectified with a combination of hormonal treatments and nutritional medicine; weight loss is then much easier.

What you eat will affect your hormones and your hormones will affect your body shape. Our naturopaths are weight loss detectives and specialise in helping you lose weight.


We see a lot of men who are suffering with a low level of testosterone which can manifest as weight gain, muscle loss, depression, poor libido and loss of confidence.

Its easy to check the level of the total testosterone and the free testosterone with a blood test. Many men who have male menopause get a real surprise to see the huge benefit that natural testosterone cream can provide to their health and their sex life.


Your health and beauty is reflected in your hair and skin and these are affected tremendously by your hormones.

Lack of progesterone or too many male hormones will cause hair loss, acne, facial hair, greasy skin and weight gain.

Our clinics specialise in these areas.


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